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4oz BFL Color MashUps!

Product Code: 4OW3B7221

BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) Roving Colorway MashUps!

100%Blue Faced Leicester Roving

Each Mashup contains approx 4oz of roving, in 4 colorways, each ball of roving is approx 25 grams/1oz.

Each MashUp bag will be a unique color combo. Each will be similar to the photo above in that it will contain 4 different colorways, but will NOT be the exact color combo as the photo.

**Please feel free to put in a request for colors that work for you, or colors you'd rather not have!!!**  Just leave us a note when you are checking out! **


Every color combo will spin into an amazing yarn! 

This roving drafts and spins beautifully, and is so soft!


Stock Level: 14