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Shipping Info

We ship Priority USPS with delivery confirmation and exact shipping cost per order. 
Orders go out in one to two business days, if not sooner!  You'll get an email with a USPS tracking number so you can keep track of your package while it's on its way to you. 

For our international customers, if you would like an estimate on shipping, just send over an email. In most cases, international shipping runs around $10.00 US. We will work to get you a good rate. Unfortunatly, with the USPS, each international package is unique, depending on size, weight and destination country, and they do not keep charts for easier calculation of shipping.

  If an item is backordered, you'll be notified as soon as possible, in cases of a "one of a kind" backorder, we can arrange to recreate the item, and ship it to you as soon as it's dry!