A Little Knitting, with a New Yarn


Lately, knitting happens a little bit here, and a little there. I have big knitting plans, or maybe, dreams for future knitting. Child wrangling comes first, of course. 

This bit of knitting is a hat I’m working up, my own pattern. The yarn is my soon to be released, Vesper Worsted (I know!!). I love how it knits up. It is a crisp, lovely wool. It knits up somewhat stiff on a size US7, and with blocking, relaxes beautifully, and softens like a dream. I’ve come up with a few colors, mostly my signature colors that can be found in many of my self striping sock yarn color ways. (Ahem, Gin Bottle Blue) they are all semi solid, some of them more tonal than others. I’m so excited to release this yarn! Look for it to be available this Monday, February 3rd!

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Hey, Happy New Year!


My sweet Babes, my favorite FO of 2013, wearing my last knit FO of 2013. It was an alright year, busy, stressful, fun. Hoping for more in 2014, but really I’ll be happy to enjoy it.

The hat is Giacomo’s Hat, from the Purl Bee. Ravel it here. Yarn is brown sheep nature spun sport, of which I have TONS of bits, leftover from making up my mitten kits.

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Wee Sheep!


I am totally in love with this pattern, ‘Welcome to the Flock’ by Julia Farwell-Clay. There is also a matching wee cardigan, with a flock of sheep around the yoke.

The colorwork is so easy, it would be great for beginners!

It is too much. Too much fun, too cute, too fast to work up. I can see knitting many more for babes being born.

The yarn is stash from long ago, so bonus points there. Rowan Cashsoft DK for the mc in both, and Valley Yarns DK for the sheep. I did add an extra row to the sheep’s head, 3 stitches in brown in the center. US5 needles for the body, and US3 for the ribbing. The green hat is the largest size, the pink, the smallest.

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November Morning


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This pretty much sums up today. Zzzzzzz.

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5 Months!


Gone in the blink of an eye. She is beyond amazing, and very ready to be on the move. I’m so very lucky to have my two amazing wees.

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