Wee Sheep!


I am totally in love with this pattern, ‘Welcome to the Flock’ by Julia Farwell-Clay. There is also a matching wee cardigan, with a flock of sheep around the yoke.

The colorwork is so easy, it would be great for beginners!

It is too much. Too much fun, too cute, too fast to work up. I can see knitting many more for babes being born.

The yarn is stash from long ago, so bonus points there. Rowan Cashsoft DK for the mc in both, and Valley Yarns DK for the sheep. I did add an extra row to the sheep’s head, 3 stitches in brown in the center. US5 needles for the body, and US3 for the ribbing. The green hat is the largest size, the pink, the smallest.

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4 Responses to Wee Sheep!

  1. Gale says:

    So cute are they gift’s?

  2. Julia says:

    Yes! For friends babies, born, and yet to be born.

  3. Seanna Lea says:

    Those are super awesome!

  4. ruth says:

    These are wonderful. You can never start too early to instill an appreciation for those lovely animals who share their fleece with us.