Twinkle Twinkle


In this house, Christmas celebrating does begin until the Friday after Thanksgiving, at the earliest. Except when it comes to holiday crafting- that business needs to start asap. In the spirit of holiday crafting, I made up a new Chevron Love Mitten Kit, inspired by one of my favorite holiday things, Twinkle Lights. It will be available in my shop beginning tomorrow! (and Psst, there may or may not be a 6 stripe Vesper Sock Yarn colorway on the way to match!)

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November Morning


I love the fall. I like deep fall, but really, i’d like to live somewhere that has pretty much mild summer weather all year round. At least I can break out the sweaters now!!

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Happy October!!


With my Birthday this month, I may be biased, but October is my favorite month! Yay fall! Pumpkins! Chilly days! Wool on my needles! Ahhh. Summer is my favorite season, but October has my heart!

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End of Summer


After work, enjoying the warm breeze. Me, my knitting, the essential DD iced coffee, and my baby girl cooing in her cradle to my right.

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A little studio randomness, while I’m deep in the thick of Halloween yarns, and August’s Vesper Sock Yarn Club yarn. The makings of Chevron Love Mitten Kits, in the “I Heart Green” colorway.

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Halloween Yarns!


I always really really look forward to dyeing up the first of our Halloween Yarns! With 2 kids now, I’ve started early this year. In addition to the regular crew of colorways, I’ve added Socktober Spooktacular and Bride of Socktober Spooktacular. These are the colorways from the past two October’s Vesper Sock Yarn Club. I love them both!

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