There has been Knitting!


This is the finished, but as yet unblocked beaded shawl I started back in April. This was a great knit. Even with the tedium of placing all the beads, which are put on with a hook, instead of pre-strung (there are 1500!) I really enjoyed it. Not being much for lace knitting, this is the second lace shawl I’ve ever knit, the first was my Charlotte’s Web, which took the knit blogs by storm a few years back.
It is crazy big, in the photo, it is unblocked on a KING SIZE bed. It is huge, I went and bought wires to block it, I don’t think there are enough pins in this hemisphere to block it with! Rav the details here.

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4 Responses to There has been Knitting!

  1. Seanna Lea says:

    I’ll have to look at what hook you used for the beads. I’m working on Ishbel and was going to bead it, but I couldn’t make myself wait on getting a hook small enough to place the beads with.

  2. Seanna Lea says:

    Oh, you didn’t say what size hook you used for bead placement, so I thought I’d ask!

    It’s gorgeous unblocked, but I can’t imagine blocking anything that huge.

  3. whitney says:

    It’s gorgeous unblocked, but I can see how it might be hard to find enough pins. I’m eager to see what it looks like once it’s all pinned out!

  4. ohmygoodness that is going to be HUGE! Freaking gorgeous, I love that blue and the beads, omg the beads! Can’t wait to see it blocked.