FO: Red V-Neck Raglan


Finally! I finished it about a week ago. It’s just as fabulous as I wanted it to be, fits perfectly, and is the best shade of red. Rav the details here.

As much as I procrastinated at the end there, I so want another one of these. Actually, several, in many different colors and weight yarns. I do loves me some basic sweaters.

The drive to finish for this was spurred by the shawl I wanted to knit for my sister’s upcoming wedding. It’s the super romantically titled Beaded Shawl #10, from Vogue Knitting Holiday “08.


I’m knitting it in heavier than called for yarn, Louet Gems Fingering, in Caribbean Blue. In case you didn’t know, this stuff does indeed come in an 1/2 pound (that’s 8oz) cone put up. I think I will probably use just one, but I have two, just in case. If I do end up only needing one, I know a certain man who will be receiving many new blue socks. Yup indeed.

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8 Responses to FO: Red V-Neck Raglan

  1. Celtic Queen says:

    Ooooooooo preeeeetttttyyyyy! So is it a string your beads and knit or put them on as you go?

  2. laurie says:

    I think he needs coordinating socks for the wedding. So everyone will know you’re a match. 😉

  3. JessaLu says:

    Wonderful sweater – and your shawl is going to be lovely!

  4. Amy says:

    You know, I always drool over the fancy patterns, and I always *wear* the simple sweaters. Yours looks great!

  5. Seanna Lea says:

    I never thought I’d really like working from cones of yarn, but when I started weaving (about 3 weeks ago) I did some knitting from the cones as well and it works better than I expected!

    I love that shade of blue. It almost matches my living room walls!

  6. Michelle says:

    Nice sweater! Basic sweaters are just so comfortable and useful. Love the v-neck as well!

  7. ana says:

    It looks great! That’s a sweater I could enjoy knitting (and wearing)!

  8. Laurie says:

    Love it! You won’t get tired of this one, and it will wear forever. I like the classics for that reason.