More on the Mittens.

After many, many hours spent knitting, winding, kitting, and pattern writing, I am jump up and down happy to release my Chevron Love Mitten pattern (and kits!) into the wild.
I have made the pattern available through Ravelry, and the kits available through my shop.

I knit this pair in Brown Sheep’s Nature Spun Sport, and that is what the kits contain. They each have eight 20g skeins in eight coordinating colors. I had the hardest time ever picking out colors, the nature spun line as something, like, almost 80 colors to choose from. Which is crazy, but the people at Brown Sheep are wonderful, and great to work with. They are also really great about working with the indie dyers, and conveniently, lots of there yarn comes in cone form.
I knit these on US 3 needles, magic loop style, and wrote the pattern in one size, but it’s a cinch to up size the mittens by using a bigger needle. They are warm, and the fabric is so. nice.
I have about eighty million more colorways in mind, so every 2 weeks or so I’ll have new kits up, and of course I’ll repeat previous colorways too. I also owe a great big hug and thank yous to my test knitters, Adrian, and Elinor, who both did a fantastic job creating their mittens, and helping me through the particulars. You can see their mittens here, and here.

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6 Responses to More on the Mittens.

  1. LOVE these mittens and will buy them tonite from my home computer. Tx.

  2. yahaira says:

    gorgeous julia! I can’t imagine putting all those colors together

  3. grumperina says:

    The “Tiny Dancer” color combination is gorgeous! So happy and springy! Perfect for winter mittens 🙂

  4. Corvus says:

    Those are really gorgeous- playing with color schemes for the kit must have been/be so much fun! They’re definently on my “want!” list.

  5. Melanie Jones says:

    Hi Julia! I ordered a chevron mitten kit yesterday and today I received a cancelled shipment notification. Can you please contact me? Thank you, Melanie

  6. ana says:

    I absolutely love these!