I didn’t go to Maryland….

but I got me some Maryland Schwag!!

BIG thanks to the Celtic Queen herself, for bringing me back a little piece of the fun. She asked if there was anything I wanted her to bring back, and I said YES!! I love the tote bag I got last year, and that’s what I wanted again. Then I gave her some extra money, and asked her if she could bring back some fun fibery stuff. Look at this awesomeness-

More from Puckerbrush Farm! This fantastic stuff is along the lines of their party roving,
but isn’t so much the “clown in a blender” (as Sarah and Laurie like to put it!) as the stuff I got before. There are alot of great green teals, and forest greens, and has alot of pink and chartruese sparklies mixed in. This is about 5 oz of fluff. I already spun a little, and it’s crazy!

Shop Stuff: It seems to be that my transitioning servers is still a bit unsettled. Everything appeared to be fine, both blog and shop-wise, then I got an order into the shop, and it got buggered again. So now it looks like it’s fixed, but today we’re going to do a little test to make sure. At noon, EST, I’m going to put a few skeins of Vesper Sock Yarn into the shop -just about 20 or so- and we’ll see if the shop doesn’t explode when the orders come in.
Not to worry though- I have a alot more waiting in the wings! If all goes well today, I’ll put them up either tomorrow, or Friday.

We’re all good! The shop didn’t explode, nothing crashed and sales went all smooth like butta. I’ll be stocking the shop later this week- like Friday or Saturday, with the rest of it.

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11 Responses to I didn’t go to Maryland….

  1. Dorothy B says:

    Cute tote!

    Clown in a blender, funny name! I like the look of the roving, I bet it would make an interesting yarn.

  2. Chris says:

    That IS an excellent bag.

  3. kelpkim says:

    Love the tote! (green with envy now…)
    and how’s the Lou-ster?! xoxo to him!!! :o)

  4. Celtic Queen says:

    Okay you know I’m dying for a skein of self striper to do Sock in Sock. Anyway my good deeds can get me a preorder? 🙂

  5. LaurieG says:

    Did CQ tell you that Puckerbrush Farm is local and she’s at Farmers Markets about town? We grabbed a couple of info sheets. I gotta get me some “Clown In a Blender” (they were sold out by the time we found them.)

  6. K. Anne says:

    Oooh! I am jealous. Lol. I didn;t even think of asking someone to bring me back some goodies from MSW! (Thunks self on forhead.) Duh me.

  7. pia says:

    I regret not getting the tote when I was there, it is REALLY cute!

  8. Melissa says:

    Do you send out e-mails when you update? If so, I’d love to be on the list. I’ve been stalking the shop for some Aquamelon and Strange Little Mama for almost a year now! 🙂

  9. Nhel says:

    I suppose the update will be tomorrow, if so what time? I’ve been checking all day and didn’t notice any updates unless all have been sold in a blink of an eye…. Would love to know what time we’re suppose to be online. Thanks!


  10. Nhel says:

    Central, Eastern or Pacific time? Thanks!