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Rezkued Kittehs*

Kyoot. We haz it. Oh boy, look what the Brandt dragged in! Kittehs! The 2 back yards that run perpendicular to mine are totally overgrown messes, and there is a shed that serves as breeding ground for alley cats. We … Continue reading

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He Likes His Closeups.

So I was going to post more (and better) photos of the Chevron Love hat, but I’m gonna let Chuckie steal the spotlight instead. (I don’t call him “The Face” for nothin!) So if you’d like to see more photos, … Continue reading

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Stories from the Litter Box, Chapter 2

Because I know you so all want to hear about my kitties and their issues instead of reading posts about fiber. Truth is I already had these photos, and didn’t feel like shooting more at this time of the morning. … Continue reading

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This post is about cat pee.

See this cat? This adorable, seemingly harmless, cute little cutie of a cat, that’s cute? Sleeping peacefully in a sun beam? Well he’s a fucker. I almost murdered him today, and I swear to jebus I will not be held … Continue reading

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Shh! He’s had a Rough Day.

The Chuckster has allergies. Springtime allergies. Not treatable with benedril allergies. So his eyes have looked like he was stoned for a day or two now, but yesterday morning found him with one of them gooped shut. Not what we … Continue reading

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