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Football Sunday

I love football in the fall. Especially on Sundays. I prefer the 1:00 games, when it’s all bright and crisp and sunny out, as opposed to all these late games the Steelers have been playing, but I’ll take what I … Continue reading

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I Knit This Much….

……Last night while stranded in the middle of the road, on my way to knitting, while waiting for the tow truck to show up. (On rt 19 south, just past Scott Rd, between the two big churches, for my local … Continue reading

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Simple Socks

During the first phase of my Stealth Knitting, when the knitting was too much to take with me, or when my brain needed a break, I cast on these socks to knit. Simple socks, that let the yarn do all … Continue reading

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Matching Mismatching Socks

Hey look! More socks! I started these on Sunday, while in Michigan visiting the Fam. I decided to make them more interesting I would start both socks at the same time (but on separate needles) and sort of “race” them … Continue reading

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Fo: Man Socks in Orange and Green.

You know what? It turns out knitting man size socks isn’t so bad. For size 11 man feet anyway. I think these took about two weeks, knitting on and off. I finished them on Sunday. I powered through the whole … Continue reading

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Man Sock #1!

One sock down! I think that was pretty good timing, I finished it on Wednesday, I think. Currently I’m halfway through the foot of the second sock. See the diff in size from my original sock to his? Crazy. I … Continue reading

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