Matching Mismatching Socks

Hey look! More socks! I started these on Sunday, while in Michigan visiting the Fam. I decided to make them more interesting I would start both socks at the same time (but on separate needles) and sort of “race” them against each other. I knit one toe, then the other, then 10 rows on one, 10 on the other, and so on until I finish them. I was really hopeing to have these done lightning fast, and it was looking good, I knit practically all day Monday, and turned heels on Tuesday, and then, well hardwood floor took over my life.

Oh yes, the last 4 days of my life have been devoted to tearing up carpet, and pulling out 8o million staples, and a bunch of tack strips, not to mention cleaning like a women possessed. All in preparation for hardwood floor installation this weekend. My family came down from Michigan, and at 7 this morning, my dad, brother, and his buddy have been laying down flooring (we are nothing if not do-it-yourself-ers). It’s loud, my whole house is in utter chaos, my cats are terribly confused, and it will all be so totally worth it. Goodbye ugly shitty burber, hullo hardwood!

So, if you’re worried that you blinked, and missed Wednesday’s shop update, don’t worry, there wasn’t one. Likely it will be very slim for updates the next couple of weeks. The floors should be done by Monday, but I’ve got other home improvement plans in mind over the next little while.

And before I forget, the IS going to be a Fall sock club. I was so hoping to have sign ups ready by now, but, well, see above. I’m trying for tomorrow or Monday. This is how it will work, current members will have first sign ups, then depending on how many renew, I will have spots available for new members, and possibly open up more spots, as I think I can handle just a bit more than last time.

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8 Responses to Matching Mismatching Socks

  1. Rosa says:

    The socks look great. I think they are definitely very complimentary. As an asthmatic, I miss my hardwoods in the house we just sold. It brings so much light and comfort to a room. My dh would prefer to berber the world (Next marriage I will have a decorating compatibility test). I wish your family luck in the install.

  2. crzjane says:

    What a cute idea. Socks that match, sort of.
    You will love your hardwood floors. My next home I really want all hardwood floors. W2W carpet is nice at first but it is so hard to keep up with.
    Have fun with your home improv’s.

  3. those are fantastic socks!
    oohhhh hardwood floors are going to be beautiful when your all done. I keep thinking about tearing up the carpet in our living room and dinning room and finishing the floors. At that point, I remember I have children… and enjoy all my hair.

  4. Ah, *so* sorry about the home chaos!! But it will be totally worth it when you have that gorgeous hardwood in, and at least you’ve got help! Hope your visit with the fam was awesome (the socks are adorable!) 🙂

    P.S. Totally hoping I can get in on the sock club since I missed out last time! Yay!! Have a great week 🙂

  5. LaurieG says:

    Yay! I’m IN. Will we see you Friday??

  6. Danielle says:

    You will LOVE your hardwood floors. I live in a house with no carpeting at all, and it’s wonderful. Easy to clean, looks beautiful! What other work do you have planned?

  7. Nancy says:

    Love the Steelers socks. Hope I can snag a place in the fall sock club.

  8. Doris says:

    I really like the sock pattern you’ve been using, can you share it with us?