Simple Socks

During the first phase of my Stealth Knitting, when the knitting was too much to take with me, or when my brain needed a break, I cast on these socks to knit. Simple socks, that let the yarn do all the work. I started these last Thursday, after stopping by the LYS that I was working at. These are to be a sample for that shop. The yarn is new, from K1Ctoo, it’s called Ty Dy Sock, and so far, it’s really lovely to knit with. One of those colors that patterns in a weird way, so you have to keep knitting it, because you can’t stand the suspense.
When I knit toe up, I tend to loose a little of the mojo after the heel, and get to the leg and it’s just knitting around and round and round til the end. For me, this is the only down side of toe up knitting. So I haven’t been as crazy about it since I short rowed the heel, but I still am loving knitting it.
day 3, so far, so good.

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5 Responses to Simple Socks

  1. Kaity says:

    That yarn is amazing, I need to get my hands on some of that!!

  2. Maggie says:

    Such pretty colours! Looks like the yarn is patterning ABA CDC.

  3. Manise says:

    Fun colors! I wonder how fraternal the second sock will look.

  4. LaurieG says:

    I’m loving the yarn. Makes me want to get some. Missed you tonight — I hope it’s not an expensive problem.

  5. Kathy says:

    I am enjoying your daily posts!