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Welcome To Knitterly Things!

The home of Vesper Sock Yarn.
Skeins of Vesper Sock Yarn are dyed in small lots,
in small batches.
Each Colorway is a multi stripe color "Almost Solid" Self Striping Yarn.
Each Skein Hand dyed, Every Colorway Unique!



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Friday Favorite!



'Sesame Cha Cha!'



Today's favorite goes back to maybe 2016, 

My Daugher was tiny, and this colorway

was 100% inspired by an episode of Sesame Street.



There was an actor teaching the Sesame Street Charactors to dance the Cha Cha,

and he was wearing a striped shirt that inspired this colorway. True story.


At that time orchid was a new color in my dyeing lineup, and I was absolutely

in love with pairing it with, well, with everything!


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May's new colorway is


'Siren Song'


This colorway, like many, was a Vesper Sock Yarn Colorway

that I always held onto to bring back someday. I recently started dyeing it again,

and now, thanks to quarantine knitting, I've had time to knit the sample sock!


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AND! A new month means a new semi solid!


May 2020 brings



A luminous, deep, deep, green with subtle pops of bright green in it's tones.






Not quite, emerald, not quite evergreen, but a wonderful in between green,

that would pair beautifully with brown, taupe, or navy.





we offer our semi solids in all of our base yarns,

AND in 50g, 100g AND 150g skeins?

it's true!


Click here to see them all and get yours!






Project bag SALE is STILL on!


We are clearing out stock on these project bags

to bring you NEW things in 2020!

When these are gone they are GONE!


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* as we all know, colors on moniters can vary greatly.
We try to make sure that colors are as accurate as possible.
You can be sure that your yarn will be even
more pretty in person, than in the photos!

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