Harlot: Part Deux, this time with photos

Well, she came, she spoke, she signed. I have a few, albiet crappy photos, but hey, you get the idea.
i was a fan before, but this won me over-

After they bring her out, cause they hide her in the back of the shop, they introduce her, and before she does anything else, she photographs the crowd, with sock in forground. She said,” I’m sorry I have to this, it’s for my mum who couldn’t believe knitting could be a full time job.” We’ve all seen the crowd photos on her blog, but it’s a whole ‘nother ball game to be in the crowd when she snaps that photo. Then she speaks. You get the whole story, how she got into writing, knitting, you hear all about her kids, and husband. She spoke about the Knitting Olympics, and how she was totally overwhelmed by how big it all got. I saw THE SWEATER, in PERSON. It is gorgeous, spectacular, even. I didn’t get a photo. I kick myself. She answered questions, then craziness ensued as she wrapped it up and the signing began. Two words: LONG LINE. The shop gave out tickets, so you’d get your book signed in the order you came in. Yea, not so much. But no one got in to it, and no tears were shed, so it was all good.

I love how she incribed my book. Really flattering, and get this, she called me and my yarn famous. Yea, right, I’m a little blip on the radar by comparison. Really.

So you get like, no time, to chat really, just a few awesome minutes, while she signs your book and you snap a few pics. I would have loved to stay longer to chat after all the book signing, but I had a sushi date with a good friend.
I feel like a more of a fiber artist knitter person having met someone who writes about knitting for a living. Is that weird? I don’t care. I can’t wait til MSW so I can meet all of you lovely bloggers I’ve been reading about for so long.
I got my TSF pin-

and I’ve been slogging it out with my Sockapal socks, one more heel to go!!!

….and I’ll have some Vesper Yarn up for sale this week- I’ll let you know when.

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15 Responses to Harlot: Part Deux, this time with photos

  1. Carrie says:

    Very cool.
    Sadly, she isn’t coming anywhere near me so it’s nice to hear about Stephanie sightings.
    I’m loving your sockpal socks!

  2. Chris says:

    Oh, Julia, what a great inscription!! You got some good pictures, too. Love how your sock pal socks are looking.

    And I’m looking forward to the Vesper. *twitch twitch*

  3. knitannie says:

    You are SO famous. I see Vesper everywhere. Vesper and Jaywalker should get married. Imagine their babies! And I don’t even knit socks, I have just seen the perfection on so many other people’s blogs.

  4. Vesper sock yarn rocks, and it deserves its status as a much-lusted-after-sock-yarn!! I
    LOVE the way that it stripes!! Once I put my Vesper socks on, I do not want to take them off they are sooo very wonderful! Harlot described you so very well!
    I have to ask… what did you wear??

  5. Amy says:

    Oh, glory! Will this be the week I finally score some of the luciousness I’ve been coveting for months? I dream of Vesper…

  6. jennifer says:

    what a great time – sounds just perfect! i am so excited about your yarn this week – just hope i happen to be online during the splitsecond of it’s availability. lest you think any different, you ARE the bee’s knees, julia. me likey the self-stripey!

  7. Wendy says:

    Well you DO know that you ARE the queen of sock yarn, don’t you? If you don’t, Yarn Harlot told you so, so you must believe it. I do love the Vesper, I do.

  8. Aja says:

    Am I a knitting loser for not knowing about the Yarn Harlot until recently? I guess I am just a newbie. But I know a cute sock when I see it and your stripey pink socks are awesome.

  9. Amanda says:

    Now if I could only get my hands on some of that famous yarn! Blast! Everytime I go to get some I miss it!

  10. Mary-Kay says:

    Ah Yeah, you are famous. I was kindof feeling like you were with Stephanie when you were here in San Diego. Hee!

  11. Mama-E says:

    She is awesome!!!!
    Hey…. are you trekking to MD for sheep and wool??

  12. Judy W says:

    Sounds like you will be at Maryland Sheep and Wool? I’m going too, for my very first time. Is there a plan for bloggers to meet up somewhere? I hope it will be on Sunday, as that’s the only day I can go…

    I met Stephanie when she was in Doylestown (drove 2.5 hours each way in a driving rainstorm) and we had a teeny-weeny chat. What a thrill to meet a mentor! I know just how you feel…

  13. Dorothy B says:

    Beautiful socks, fabulous yarn!! I like your picture of Stephanie!

  14. Kim says:

    I was at the knit out last weekend and it was fabulous, I also had my At Knits End book by Stephanie Pear-Mcfee signed, so cool. Love your photos and your creative dye technique; the socks are way cool too. Can you let me know when and where you will be selling the Vesper yarn, can’t wait to experience the feel of knitting some socks for myself.

    chow for now