It’s Wednesday!


So let’s be Random.

* this is 100% Merino, dyed by me, and spun thick. As thick as my tendencies to spin thin will let me get.

* it is spun with a purpose. I’m going to knit Cosy’s Baby Belle.

* it doesn’t take half the time to spin 4oz thick as it does to spin it thin. No, really.

* My fairisle sweater and I are on a break. I started the colorwork a third time. It is still in my knitting bag, still at the top of the list, but my brain needs simple socks right now.

* I am knitting socks with this yarn. It is fantastic stuff, and I’m going to buy more of it.

* We started season 3 of Supernatural. It is the best so far. I don’t care what network it’s on, it’s a decent show. If you start with season one, try to stick it out half way, it gets better.

* It’s officially football season. This makes me happy. A game= 3+ hours of perfect knitting time. This year, I’m watching more than just Steeler games. Yay.

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9 Responses to It’s Wednesday!

  1. sil says:

    Girl, knitting and football are awesome together. No beer though, makes the mistakes happen.

  2. Carole says:

    Ahh, Supernatural. I long for the good old days of Seasons 1, 2, and 3. We watched the first episode of this season last night and well, its just gotten too demonic soap opera-ish for me.

  3. Seanna Lea says:

    Football makes some awfully good knitting time, even if I get up during the commercial breaks to check out my fantasy football team.

    Which reminds me that I should make sure that all of my slots are filled and no one is injured (already)!

  4. Laurie says:

    I don’t mind car rides for the same reason. Knitting time!

  5. Danielle says:

    Ooh! I have some handspun that just might be perfect for that sweater pattern!

  6. Abby says:

    Oh, yeah – football is back! I’m a Colts fan myself.

  7. peony67 says:

    From mylimited experience of spinning I can attest… spinning the same amount of rowing thick takes just as much time as to spin it thin…
    Cute sweater, can’t wait to see how yours will turn out!

  8. sarahlou says:

    * the yarn is gorgeous! i can’t wait ’til i’m experienced enough to spin for a purpose. 😉 (just got a wheel sunday!)

    * supernatural – woo! i’m also a fan.

    * football – also, woo! and of course, also a fan. heh.

    p.s. was thrilled to see the delay in shop update, i would not have been near a computer at 6pm, tonight!

  9. Ali says:

    Supernatural is my favorite show. Season 4 is better than 3 and it’s looking like 5 will be better than 4.