Um, Still Weaving…

So yeah, after the success of Brandt’s Scarf, I decided to go stash diving for yarn for another project. I unearthed 2 skeins of Mountain Colors Barefoot, in “Juniper”. I bought them who knows how long ago for I can’t even remember what. Probably just because they were green, but such a pretty green!

I wove just a plain little scarf, and I’ve been wearing it alot. This weaving process thing goes so quickly. It does take a little while to warp the loom, maybe an hour, more if things get tangly. The weaving is quick too, with this simple pattern, maybe just an evening to finish it.

Over the weekend I did some stealth weaving, and I am SO excited about it. It’s a Christmas gift, so I can’t show it just yet, but the exact idea I had pictured is what I got and I love it so much I’m going to make one for me too.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten Brandt’s sweater in all this weaving! I had a project I wanted to warp the loom with yesterday, but I told myself not until his sweater is done. So most of the day yesterday was devoted to finishing the zipper facings. They are now done, and after I block them and the collar, all it needs is the zipper. Which it will get tonight. That makes me so happy, after this sweater, I have a few little projects I want to do, sort of to cleanse my palette before I start another sweater.

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7 Responses to Um, Still Weaving…

  1. nanc says:

    Beautiful! Great job with this scarf. Oh, man – you’ve got me thinking about all my sock yarn stash that could make something awesome woven. But I do not (yet) have this hobby, so stay away, vixen!

  2. pumpkinmama says:

    This is beautiful! You’re really making me want to learn to weave.

  3. Seanna Lea says:

    That is gorgeous! I love the colors, and weaving looks like such a good way to showcase a yarn that might pool unattractively in a sock (not that I care about pooling, but I know plenty of people who do).

  4. gleek says:

    so beautiful! you all are making me want a loom! what kind do you have?

  5. ulli says:

    i love this scarf!

  6. beautiful, beautiful scarf! Those greens are intoxicating

  7. Susie says:

    Love this scarf. The colors are gorgeous!