* I am most of one sleeve away from being done with the Aprés Hoodie Knitting. After I get todays shop update underway I am going to take the afternoon and knitknitknit. Finishing shouldn’t take too long, no seams! Hurray! Just the sleeve caps to set in. I am a sleeve cap champ.

*Yesterday’s regularly scheduled shop update will be today. Thursday. (it is thursday, right? okay, good.) Say, around, 3-3:30 um, more like 4-5, I toldja I was behind! or so. Okay!! We’re updated!! I got behind earlier this week, and well, you know.

*When I finish this hoodie, I am going to spin. Yes I am. The only thing I’ve spun in months was one skein of sock yarn. I’m going to finish the second skein, and then bite into this beauty from Crown Mountain Farms~

Superwash Merino Roving, in “San Francisco”

* I saw it here, over on Flickr, and I loved it. I could have dyed it myself, but I like getting packages in the mail. Also, 8oz is A LOT of roving to spin! I think this has yoke of a sweater potential. So maybe it will be dk weight instead of my fav “Fingersport” weight.

*I made this for dinner one night last week. *Love* Srsly, you should make it too.

*Speaking of things the make you go nom nom nom, Did you see Carole’s chocolate pie? I need to make that too.

*Now I’m hungry. I should probably wrap this up and go back to work too….

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4 Responses to Random

  1. Chris says:

    That hoodie is going to be seriously cute. Oh yeah, Carole’s pie… nom nom nom.

  2. Celtic Queen says:

    I totally want to make pie now. Oh and the penne too I suppose… Must have yummy food and yummy yarn. 🙂

  3. Terry says:

    “…I am going to take the afternoon and knitknitknit” sounds like sooooooooooo much fun! Loving how the hoodie is looking.

  4. Kelly says:

    I love the hoodie…I go crazy if I have to rip out some rows of something a small as a sock so I can’t imagine ripping and getting back to this point and almost being done.

    I do want to know, though…what happened to the kitties? I never did see an update.