Best. Afternoon. Ever.

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Stephanie was in town on Friday, did you know? Well she was. It was a crazy, wonderful day. Really. It’s not that often I get a day like that here, in Pittsburgh. To spend a day with a whole bunch of knitters who are on the same wavelength. You know, eating, breathing, sleeping fiber? That one.

Anyways, I woke up early, and busted out the yarn. I had every intention of finishing up work super early, so I could have every possible second of the afternoon to work on my Whiskey sweater (almost done, btw) which I was going to try to finish, so I could wear it to Steph’s talk/signing.
Well, that didn’t happen. I had emailed Steph the night before, saying if she had any free time, let’s do yarn. And so she did, and we did. She had a few hours to kill, so we met up for lunch, and I took her over to my localist yarn shop. She was staying right around the corner from my house, at a little B&B. Literally, right around the corner. 20 seconds from my house, around the corner. It’s a wonder I didn’t feel the lanolin/knitter vibrations coming from that way the night before!

We walked down the street, (that’s when she almost stroked out from too many wool layers) to a little coffee shop/cafe´and had coffee, and lunch, and knitting, and good conversation, and lots of laughing.

She’s knitting this sock, by Cookie A. Her Shirt says “Wool Pig”. (Wool Pig!)

From there we walked back to my house, and I gave her a tour (if you can call it that) of my operations here at Knitterly Things HQ. She stayed in shock for a bit. I think that the thought that I turn out as much as I do with as small a setup as I have blew her mind a little bit. After she recovered, we got in the car, drove over some bridges, and went to Knit One. Great little yarn shop. Whenever I need something, or just want a quick fix, I head over there. It’s probably about 12 minutes by car. I would have loved to take her to the shop I work at, but there just wasn’t time.

This is the shop Steph spoke at the first time she came to P’burgh. I think the owner was a little bummed she couldn’t have her there again, but she was thrilled when we stopped in. Steph explained that the publisher is trying not to have her at the same place twice. Which is cool, and the bookstore, while not a yarn shop, is still a small indy chain, and that is good. So we ooo’d and aw’d over things for a bit. Wait til you see what she’ll make out of the yarn she bought.

After that time was up, and we headed back over to the southside. Everything between dropping her off, and heading down to the bookstore, which is only 5 blocks from my house, is kind of a blur. I got to the event at about 10 to 6 or so, and it was already filling up fast. She was speaking at 7. So I got a seat, and chatted up some knitters I knew, petted other peoples projects, looked for some bloggers that I knew would be there and was hoping to meet, ( Hi Amanda! Hi Amy!) it’s hard to identify people you “know” but you don’t “know” in a crowd of knitters like that.

I did find Amanda, and her mum, Jane, without any problems though! I knew they were coming in for this, and was excited to chat with them. I saw them for a second at last years, Maryland, and missed them completely in the throng of knitters at Rhinebeck. Wonderful people, and that Kailey? She’s a doll! By shear coincidence, they were all wearing their Vesper Socks! How cool is this!!?!

Kailey and Mum had matching socks, how sweet is that!?!

She managed to get them off in zero point 2 seconds though! Which is fine, because little baby feet! Eee!

Then it was about time for Steph to come out. That women is damned entertaining. If you ever can get away to see her, it’s worth it. I tell you right now. For those of you who can’t I have a special surprise, but I’m not allowed to show you until after Steph finishes up this tour. I video taped her speech. I did. I wasn’t planning it, and only got the idea in that blurred time when I was home before her talk. I had to find the camera, then I had to unearth it, then I had to charge it. I had to go before it charged completely, and hope to bob that there was enough juice to get the whole thing. There was! So eventually I’ll figure out how to YouTube it, and I will let you all know, but again, I have to wait until after this tour wraps up, don’t want to spoil anything! (and have her have to write another speech!)

I really have to hand it to the people at this bookstore, they really did have their shit together for this event. They actually listened to people who called, so they sort of knew what to expect, so they pulled out every single chair they had, which still wasn’t enough, but when you bought the book, they handed you a little flyer that even said they were expecting standing room only. The signing line was even well organized, with special ropes around the area, and a call by letter approach. Even an employee, whose sole purpose it was to take your camera, and get a photo of you and Stephanie, if you wanted. Now that’s organization! It was definately appreciated by every one.

People, she wore her Bohus. Bohus, people. I stared. It may have gotten obscene. I loved it. I touched it, and it is oh so soft. The stitches! My god, the stitches! You can’t even see them unless your eyeball is right up close. I know because that’s how close I had to be to see them. She knit it on 2.5mm needles! (US 1) Can you believe this?

It’s Gorgeous, I loved it, I already ordered one.

It was a great day. Did I already say that? It was marvelous. I spent Saturday recovering. Really, the best afternoon ever.

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27 Responses to Best. Afternoon. Ever.

  1. Thank goodness, I have been waiting for this post.

    (haha, just kidding- don’t you hate when readers get all high-maintenance on you?)

    Yay- more Bohus pictures. I cannot get enough. If she doesn’t wear that sweater in mid may in Mass I am going to start a riot.

    Vesper baby socks- the cuteness! help!

  2. kelpkim says:

    dude, you are so lucky.
    she was in your house?
    you go to knit with her?
    you saw the sweater? THE sweater?
    She was around the corner from your house?
    dude. you are so lucky.

  3. Carole says:

    Great recap! I’m so glad you had a fun day. And I loved seeing photos of you and your “workshop” over at Stephanie’s.

  4. Roxanne says:

    Fabulous day you had! I like your “workshop” too…looks a little familiar, however, I finally got mine out in the garage (for the most part)…LOL

  5. Ashley says:

    Wow, wht an awesome day! Just spending 5 minute wth a tired and (rightfully) cranky Stephanie was enough to make me want to spend days at a time with her–lucky you that you did!

  6. Emma says:

    That looks like such a good time!

  7. chris says:

    Lucky! Luckyluckylucky!

    And I saw your dyeing workshop on her post — I’m in shock, too!

    Are you going to MSWF this year? If so, I’d love to try and meet up again!

  8. stacey says:

    what a great day!!! i saw pics of your “production” over at steph’s blog – I am truly amazed all that comes out of those few pots!!!!

  9. Isobel says:

    Wasn’t it a great night. I am so jealous you got to “really hang out” together, you lucky, lucky girl. Not mention the wonderful post on Stephanie’s blog, you are really a rock star now! I am so glad that the weather on Friday was as good as it was and you got have a little walk around. I am still reeling from the whole event, it may take me days to land back on earth.

  10. Jenn says:

    I just found your blog via The Yarn Harlot. I live in Pittsburgh my whole life up to last year and really wish I could have made it home to see her speak. Thanks for videotaping it, I will definitely watch it once you are able to post it.

    PS. I LOVE the Southside, Fatheads is one of my most favorite restaurants EVER, I envy you for living so close!

  11. Marisol says:

    Lucky you! What a wonderful experience. Stephanie
    is just the best! I had the wonderful opportunity to
    meet her at Madrona and actually gook a 911 session
    with her. Well worth it! So knowledgeable, talented,
    and down to earth:)

  12. Cheryl says:

    Excellent picture of the Bohus! I have to have one too! Although knit on size 1 needles? It will probably be my life’s work. I’ll finish it in the retirement home.

  13. Steph VW says:

    Isn’t the Bohus sooooo soft? Clouds were meant to feel like that sweater.

  14. ana says:

    It was a blast hearing her speak again. Joseph-Beth did a great job as well. I was impressed.

  15. Mom and I where glad to be able to see you again! It was a great day 😀

  16. lisa says:

    i was so bummed to miss this–i’d preordered the book from j-b to get a reserved spot (i was even in group a and everything), but i got a migraine and couldn’t make it 🙁 so i can’t wait to see your youtube video.
    sounds like there’s a yarn shop on the south side, from what you’re saying? would love to hear more!

  17. Minh says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post and thinking of us knitters who might not get to see Steph!

    I was in shock when I saw your 6 pots. You’re a superwoman, did you know that??

  18. Amy M says:

    It was great to meet you! When Heather allows me some blog surfing time I plan to go back and read about that Whiskey Sweater – it looks great in the “almost complete” state. 🙂

    When you get a chance, can you email me about that Gansey Class you mentioned. If I can swing it, it sounded very cool. I haven’t taken a class for quite a while.

  19. Chris says:

    So. Jealous. But also happy for you – what an amazing day! And the baby Vesper socks? Awwww….

  20. Carrie says:

    No, I absolutely cannot imagine knitting a sweater on 2.5 mm needles. What is the size was wrong? All that time! Sounds like you guys had a great time. What a pretty yarn shop you went to! I’m looking forward to seeing the Whiskey sweater – sounds neat. =)

  21. Beth S. says:

    Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky! 🙂

  22. Amy says:

    Baby Vesper socks!!!

    Some day, I *will* knit myself a sweater in that gauge. I *will*. Sounds like you had a wonderful, glowing day!

  23. Hi Julia,
    I was lucky enough to snatch up 4 hanks of your ‘Glorious’ (heavens part, angels sing) sock yarn. I want to take a bite out of them…the only thing tastier would be, Baby Feet! Those little tootsie’s couldn’t be sweeter if they were covered in sugar!
    Got my coffee, vesper sock yarn & blog reads. I’m quite content right now 😉

  24. crzjane says:

    It was a lot of fun to see you. Our sock pictures came out really good!;)

  25. Sarah says:

    what a great day! oh, those baby socks – the cuteness – I can’t stand it!

  26. Sabrina says:

    Wow! I want to have lunch with Her Royal Highness (Mrs Yarn Harlot)! Lucky!

  27. Arleta says:

    I’m so jealous! Lucky you!!!