Green! Green! Green!

**Saturday Update** Comments are now closed! Stay tuned for the winner!!

Thanks everyone for playing! It’s been super fun reading all of your favorite color inspired comments! I’ve decided to leave the comments open Juuust a little longer, and will pick a winner Saturday morning!!

Happy St. Patrick’s day! It’s no secret that green is my absolutely favorite color. I’ll take just about any green, all the time. I’ve loved green since I was a little girl, I don’t remember a time where green wasn’t my true color love!  Sure, I’ve flirted with blues, and that time I was all about turquoise, magenta ranks high, and so do reds, but green? Green will always have my heart.

To celebrate today, and all things green, I’m having a little contest! I whipped up an all green Wee Skein Kit, & it could be yours! Just leave a comment, telling me your fav color, and why, and on Friday, let’s say around Noon, I will random number generate a winner. Just leave one comment, and Good Luck!!

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Stripey Mitten Pattern! Coming Soon!


In the next day or two I will be releasing my new pattern, a super simple stripes mitten pattern! It’s very similar to my Chevron Love mitten Pattern, but simplified for stripes.

It also works very well with my Chevron Love Mitten Yarn Kits, or any sport weight scraps you might have hanging around. It will be available in my Ravelry Shop as soon as it’s finished! Stay tuned!!

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Happy New Year!


Maybe if I start the year off with a blog post, I’ll keep it up this year?

2014 was a very good year. Lots of house renovations, family time, the summer was particularly my favorite. I knit the hell out of last year! I think I always had something going. Not just on the needles, but projects I really got into, and cranked out. I came up with so many new Vesper Sock Yarn colorways, it kind of blows my mind. My last baby turned one, and is now almost 19 months! Her speech is amazing, she understands things, and mostly does what I ask. She’s damn adorable, too. My son continues to amaze with his energy, curiosity, imagination and intelligence. My husband landed a job I think will grow to be amazing this year, he was way overdue, and I am less stressed because of it.

I am looking forward to new things this year, but really have no expectations for it. I am planning to work hard, and enjoy the hell out of my family.

I hope the best for your year too! Happy New Year, from me, to you!

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Something New! Pretty Pie Shawl.

A little while ago I had an idea for a knit thing. Ideas that actually make it from my brain to yarn to paper are few and far between in this time of small children.

You can check out the particulars here, over on Ravelry!

This triangle shawl is knit from the point up, in lovely, super squooshable garter stitch. After it is cast off, stitches are picked up and the triangle point border is worked. It’s so very easy, and really fills the need for easy evening knitting.

Along with this pattern, I am introducing a new yarn, Vesper Sparkle Handpaint! The shawl takes one entire 100g skein, and only about 10g of tonal semi solid for the border, but I am including a 25g hank for that.

I’ll have the pattern and kits available in the shop around Noon tomorrow. The first run will be limited, but more will follow quickly!


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So I guess al this cold weather isn’t SO bad. At least it is perfect for comfort food. I tried butternut squash soup for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Delish! I did the same as for a roasted root vegetable soup I make, but using only the squash and an onion for the veggies.

This is definitely going into our soup rotation this season!

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They were not kidding when they said it was going to be cold for awhile! 42 degrees here today, and a killer windchill! It’s like Halloween is over, so we’re jumping head first into Winter.

I’ve been working on a lovely, wooly, colorwork Cardi- for me! More on that soon!

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