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.'Long Strange Trip' Vesper Sock Yarn - 12th Anniversary Colorway! - DYED TO ORDER

Product Code: X5MC697

Vesper Sock Yarn!
100% Handdyed!

Introducing our 12th ANNIVERSARY COLORWAY!!! That's right! this July we celebrate Twelve very stripey years!

'Long Strange Trip' 10 color stripe repeats, and is dyed to order, so you can always have your favorite yarn base.

DYED TO ORDER! Choose your base yarn!

We currently offer 4 base yarns, as follows-

Our current Bases to choose from are-

1) 100% Superwash Merino 2ply 400yds, 100g

2) 80/20 Superwash Merino & Nylon 2ply 400yds, 100g

3) 75/25 Superwash Wool & Nylon, our 'Thick Sock' 428yds, 100g

4) Glitterful!! Our 2ply Sparkle Base Yarn. 75% Superwash Merino 23% Nylon, and 2% Stellina Sparkle.

428yds, 100g

This colorway is "Long Strange Trip"

This colorway stripes in 10 colors, Yellow, Deep Blue, Magenta, Gin Bottle Blue, Taupe, Pink, Orange, Chocolate Brown, Cream, and Ice Blue.
Knits up nicely on US 1-3 needles,
Hand Washing and Drying recommended!
One skein will make a pair of socks for the average sized foot.