And Just Like That…

Dirt is Delishus!

Baby B is now 9 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days old. Time, it flies a lot faster when you’ve got a little one growing up right in front of you! My Kid is awesome. He has been crawling since he was 7 months, and now gets into everything. Boisterous doesn’t even begin to describe him. He is very chatty, stringing together syllables and baby words all day. Like his Mama he is fiercely independent, he goes were he wants, free stands constantly, self feeds, and is just starting to hold the bottle himself. Brandt and I make all of his food, and he eats it right up. He is especially fond of sweet potatoes and turkey meat balls.
We are finally on a decent sleep schedule. Even though he still wakes at least once a night, the three of us are much better rested! Even on days like today, with a 6am baby wake up call, we manage just fine.

Sadly my crafting time is severely minimal. I have managed some baby things for expectant friends, that still need to be sent out, and Brandt will be getting at least one (pre!) felted slipper for Father’s Day. I have fallen head over heals for quilting, and am bordering on obsessed! I’m nearly done with our family picnic quilt, and have a wee little quilt in the works for a wee little baby. I think about crafting constantly, and steal the time when I can. Mostly we are enjoying the gorgeous weather, and loving the hell out of our little man.

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2 Responses to And Just Like That…

  1. Carole says:

    He’s absolutely adorable. Sounds like you are enjoying your family and that’s all you can really ask for or need. The crafting time will come back, eventually.

  2. Kathy says:

    He’s adorable, Julia!!