Happy Birthday Shannon!


My baby sister turns 23 today! Not so much of a baby sister, she’s 2 years, 5 months and 1 day younger than I am.
This is her about to enjoy a birthday lunch in San Diego. Yup, San Diego. That’s where I am today. She lives in Michigan with Louie the dog. Very fitting that their birthdays are a week apart. She generally celebrates the whole month of March anyway.
This is our first time in San Diego. This city is Awesome. Period. Totally worth the 4 and a half hour flight from Detroit.
I really like this 3 hour time differance thing. Pacific time agrees with me.
We’re staying right around the corner from great food and shopping, we found my sisters’ favourite place

Specifically this department,

This Nordstroms is attached to a sort of outdoor mall type place, and, De Ja Vu, I know I’ve seen this place before, and then it occured to me, I have seen this place before. Scroll all the way down to August 1st. I was halfway through her 2005 Archives, when (and this was a slap my forehead moment here) it occured to me to check her tour archives to see when she was in San Diego.
Anyways, I picked up some real estate magizines, to see what the market around here is like, and there is this $8.9 million estate, and just for fun, at 22.00 a skein, I would have to sell 406,000 skeins of Vesper to make that much. Not including taxes or fees, or any other crap. Motivating, to say the least.

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9 Responses to
Happy Birthday Shannon!

  1. Mary-Kay says:

    Ummm, Hello!!!! I LIVE in San Diego. In fact I am about 5 minutes from that Nordstrom – and I even worked there for 3 years in Point of View! I just wrote you a long email about your yarn! We have a group of knitters meeting up on Sunday, are you still here? They are all knit bloggers and it is close to where you are now. We meet in a bar and have a REALLY good time. Email me if you are interested and I’ll check out the times for you. Grrrreat city! and WELCOME!!!!

  2. Mary-Kay says:

    Forgot to say…… HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON!!!!!

  3. Mary-Kay says:

    AND, Shannon – you are invited to come too, of course!

  4. Mary-Kay says:

    Have I bugged you enough yet? Heh Heh, sorry!

  5. Wendy says:

    shoot! I’m only three or so hours from there! You should have told us so we could have a partay!

  6. Chris says:

    Happy birthday, Shannon! Have a great break!

  7. caitlyn says:

    Happy Birthday, Shannon! I hope you got a lot of great shoes at Nordstroms. =) That is my favorite place to splurge on shoes.

  8. emmy says:

    I say “Get Dyeing Girl” If you dye them we will buy them! I bet that “estate” could be yours in no time!

    Happy Birthday to Shannon! Looks like a fun fun trip! Enjoy.

  9. ariane says:

    Bummer you should have let us Cali girls you where coming, we would have planned a knit-together!